Mr. Sausage - Huntington Store

To visit the Huntington location of Mr. Sausage is to enter into a world of sensual delight.

As you approach from the sidewalk, you are welcomed by authentic Italian music which is pumped outside to set just the right mood. Upon entering, you are embraced by an intense flood of deep, rich colors which dazzles your eyes and quickens your pulse. The warm smells of fine Italian cooking surround you, somehow reminding you of some of the best meals you've ever had.

Servers behind the counter are bustling about in good cheer and eager to share their creations. Joe is usually there, chatting happily with his customers, and Sal can be found in the kitchen, daily performing the magic of turning fresh ingredients, and a love of taste, into the food creations that Mr. Sausage has become known for. (Click here to sample the cook book, Delectable Italian Dishes for Family and Friends)

This is food as it ought to be, and it's right here in Huntington, in this little gem of a store, on 3 Union Place in Huntington, Long Island, New York.